Virginia Tech

National Science Foundation / LIGO / Sonoma State University / A. Simonnet

Astronomers and astrophysicists alike are abuzz this week over a cosmic event that occurred millions of years ago.

Virginia’s beer industry is booming. Some brewers wonder, though, if the state is doing enough to nurture homegrown brewers and the local farmers who want to supply them the grain. 

Stink Bug Redux; New Strategies for Controlling Them

Oct 4, 2017

The sound of stink bugs flying around indoors has become a harbinger of autumn. One has been circling above me the whole time I’ve been writing this story. She looks like she’s trying to get into the ceiling but each time she hits it, she bounces off. 

Concussion Rate Highest in Girls' Soccer

Sep 26, 2017
Winston-Salem Forsythe County School

The potential for traumatic brain injury in professional football players is again raising public concern. But another, less followed sport is seeing a troubling increase in the rate of concussions among its players.  

Virginia Tech

In our increasingly technological society, science is a major source of new information, especially in a place like Blacksburg, where Virginia Tech is coming up with scientific discoveries all the time.  But if all that new knowledge is not communicated clearly, does it make an impact?