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A lot has changed since the last time a total solar eclipse was visible in the U.S.  One swept across the whole country, as next Monday’s will in 1918. The only other one in that century was visible in just some parts of the country. That was in 1979.  Back then, all that most people could do, was watch in awe. But this time, it’s different.         

The Coalition for Justice in Blacksburg held a vigil against hate yesterday in solidarity with counter protesters in Charlottesville. 

North Korea’s missile tests are just the latest threat of nuclear strike on this country. But it’s a worst-case scenario like others the U.S. government has been studying and planning for since the 1950s. Every administration from Eisenhower’s to Trump’s has put some kind of disaster plan in place. Computer scientists at Virginia Tech, however, have a new take on the old disaster plans.

Cube Fest Returns to Virginia Tech

Jul 28, 2017

Following a successful, inaugural event last year, preparations are underway to bring Cube Fest back to Blacksburg.


Thanks to the popularity of the books and television series Game of Thrones, a Virginia Tech Professor of Medieval Studies has no problem filling his classes of the same name.  The saga has offered many teachable moments, and he told Robbie Harris it looks like this is the  season of the women, presenting a chance to explore gender relations in history and the present.