Virginia Tech

New Baby Basket to Keep Babies Safe and Warm

Sep 15, 2016

The country of Malawi is known as the ‘warm heart’ of Africa... with mountain ranges reminiscent of south western Virginia.  And even though it’s warm much of the year, new born babies there too often die of hypothermia. That got a Virginia Tech grad student thinking about how to solve the problem in a low tech, sustainable way.  Robbie Harris has more.

The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine has graduated just three classes yet has become so respected that a record number of hopefuls--4600-- applied for just 42 student openings to start this year.


 Dr. Aubrey Knight is associate dean for student affairs,

"We are one of the smallest schools in the country. We're small by design based on our curriculum and what we call our distinctives. There continues to be a greater interest in applicants applying to our school."

Breaking the Cycle of Police Violence

Aug 4, 2016

Graphic images of police violence are now seen on television and social media with greater frequency than ever before.  And even though crime statistics show the numbers of these incidents has not gone up, public outrage is raising new questions about how police handle these situations. There’s a small but growing movement to change the way police are trained to interact with people they encounter on the job.

CubeFest to Crank the Sound Way Beyond '11'

Aug 1, 2016

“Spatial Music” is an immersive roomful of sound that is so new it can be heard in only a few places on the planet. One of them is Blacksburg, Virginia, where you’ll find a venue called "The Cube” at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech.  This week, a three-day "spatial music festival" will explore the new medium with a concert series and workshops. Robbie Harris has more on what this new venue, and its 2 tons of audio equipment, can do.


Just after 11 AM on Wednesday, June 15th, Democratic Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy seized the Senate floor and embarked on a nearly 15-hour long filibuster in order to secure a vote on gun-control legislation.

He was joined by more than 35 of his colleagues, both Democrats and Republicans, including both of Virginia's Democratic senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.