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A new book, co-authored by a Virginia Tech biologist, about-- well let's call it the aftermath of digestion-- made it all the way to the New York Times' best sellers list. 

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The state of Virginia is taking steps to become a leader in cyber security. And it's asked Virginia Tech to spearhead the effort.   


If you think cell phones have changed the world, get ready for the next generation in communications technology.   The fifth generation, to be precise, and that's why it's called 5G.  

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Most people have heard about blockchain technology.

It's the basis for cryptocurrencies. It came on the scene a decade ago, when the great recession, demonstrated the dangers that lurk in the financial world.

The blockchain promises a new kind of transparency and security for transactions of all kinds.  Some say it might revolutionize not only the financial world, but society as well.

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That old sweater you’re no longer wearing just might make the world a better place.