Journalists are used to reporting on tragedies of all kinds.  But the story of a 5-year-old Pulaski boy, who died after falling into a septic tank 3 years ago, has stayed with two Roanoke Times Reporters. Now they just released a podcast series that explores the nuances and backstories of the sad saga that are not always visible in black and white.  It's called SEPTIC. 

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Trials are about to get under way for the first ever blood test that could confirm whether a person has had a concussion. Scientists at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and the University of Virginia, are teaming up with a Virginia-based biotechnology company known as the Virginia Catalyst, to test it.

At the beginning of World War Two, the Army began an unusual project. It surveyed its soldiers for their comments and ideas. Participation was voluntary and anonymity was promised. For nearly 80 years, those comments sat in drawers at the National Archive. Now, a nationwide effort to digitize them, and make them available to the public, is being led by Virginia Tech.  

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Activists who oppose the Mountain Valley Pipeline are living in the Jefferson National Forest, hoping to delay the project. Two tree sitters have been on Peters Mountain in West Virginia for more than a month.  And one woman has been living on a monopod, in a section of forest where pipeline construction is slated to take place. 

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It wasn't all that long ago that bicycles and horses ruled the road.  But the advent of cars displaced them with the warning, 'ride at your own risk', or stay off the roads together.