Benjamin Colteaux

With the coming of spring, snapping turtles have emerged from their winter homes in the mud,  ready to reproduce and to spend the summer trolling ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.  They’re a hearty species with few natural enemies.  Now, however, turtles which can live more than a hundred years are in danger. 

Annoyed residents in a Norfolk neighborhood are calling for a grand jury to investigate a footbridge. And Virginia Commonwealth University is under pressure to increase pay for part-time teachers in its nationally-acclaimed art school.

Marco Verch / Flickr

Prescription painkillers and their chemical cousin, heroin, killed more than 1,400 people in this state last year alone. Experts blame doctors for prescribing too many addictive pills, but another group of professionals that bears some responsibility for this epidemic and some power to prevent future deaths.

Study Links The Brain To Aggressive Behavior

Nov 30, 2017
Virginia Commonwealth University

Social scientists say children who are physically abused are more likely to be abusive themselves as adults, but research at Virginia Commonwealth University suggests another factor in people who are violent.  Their brains are downright different.  

Chatbot Enrolls at VCU

Nov 28, 2017
Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University is raising a baby chatbot at its da Vinci Center – a place committed to innovation and entrepreneurship.