Southwest Virginia

Robbie Harris

New River Valley residents had a chance to question officials of the Radford Army Ammunitions Plant, known as the Arsenal, at a community meeting. The plant has long been a controversial neighbor to its surrounding communities in southwestern Virginia.  Its quarterly community meetings, like the one at the Christiansburg Library December 14, may be helping foster a dialogue that could benefit both camps.    

Alyson Taylor

A treatment being tested for brain cancer in dogs may one day help humans with the same disease. Clinical trials at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg are showing promising results and a new round of trials is set to start early next year. 

Mussel Men and Women; Resurrecting a Species

Nov 30, 2017
Photo by Gary Peeples / USFWS

A federally endangered species of fresh water mussel could be found in only one water way in the world; southwestern Virginia’s Clinch River.  But 20 years ago, a chemical spill nearly wiped them out. Now biologists may be on their way to resurrecting them. 

Networking and Cyber Security Academy to Open in SWVA

Nov 21, 2017
Learning Network

A new center for teaching cyber security skills is opening early next year in southwestern Virginia. It’s aim is to train unemployed or underemployed workers for this growing industry. Its organizers say it’s also geared toward keeping those jobs in the area. 

New Direction For the New River

Aug 25, 2017

The New River is, in fact, one of the oldest rivers on the planet. And because people have used waterways as dumps for centuries, the New got its share of trash over the years.  But thanks to dedicated volunteers, clean up efforts are paying off, like the one happening this weekend - the annual ReNew The New.  Robbie Harris reports.