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Eyeing Lunch

Aug 11, 2015
Virginia Commonwealth University

Hungry students will find something new at Virginia Commonwealth University. They'll be able to pay for their meals with their eyes. 

With 5,000 meals served each day, Shafer Court is a busy place, and Stephen Barr – director of campus services at Virginia Commonwealth University says food service workers can’t always keep up.

Shenandoah National Park Plans Star Parties

Aug 10, 2015

It’s that time again.  The Perseid Meteor will be passing over Virginia Wednesday night, showering the planet with falling stars, and the Shenandoah National Park plans a celebration.

Experts will gather with telescopes at the Dickey Ridge Visitors Center near Front Royal, at Big Meadow and Lofts Mountain to give talks and offer tips on taking pictures of the night sky.  Park Ranger Kristin Hendershot says it should be a really good show.

The Associated Press

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner says Congress has failed to adapt to the new digitized economy, and he’s pushing to provide a safety net for millennials. 

Senator Warner helped found Nextel and it made him a millionaire. That elite status has allowed him to rent houses in Europe. But now the rest of us can do that too through websites like AirBnB. Warner thinks that's great.

“This model has been out there for 20 years at the high end. This is really simply democratizing the ability to rent out your home for a much broader market.”

Business executives from the high-tech sector hosted an event at the State Capitol to share research and information, as well as network with government officials.  Governor McAuliffe called on the members of the Government Business Executive Forum to help Virginia pivot from the nation’s top state for defense spending to the leading state for information technology.

Vince LoPresti/Flickr via NPR

Hate drones?  They may soon become a way of life in the Commonwealth.

The anticipated surge in unmanned aerial vehicles-or UAVs-won't only be as a result of their popularity with hobbyists, but because of their use by emergency responders, power companies, and other industries.