LGBT Rights: Church-Based Discrimination

Sep 10, 2015
AP Photo by Matt Rourke

When the Supreme Court affirmed the right of same sex couples to marry, some people assumed the gay community was home free, with all the legal protections it might need.  In fact, Virginia’s ACLU says otherwise.

When the Kiwanis Club rallied for its annual 5K run in the parking lot of a church in Charlottesville, participants were told they could not come back next year.  A rumor circulated that the church didn’t want gay athletes in the neighborhood.  That was a distressing moment for Kenny Ball – an avid runner.

Buddhists from around the state are expected in Charlottesville this weekend, where an unusual traveling exhibit opens – promising peace and medical miracles. 

The source -- mysterious bead-like objects that remain when spiritual leaders are cremated. 

A video posted online tells the tale of the Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour featuring relics taken from the cremated remains of Buddhist masters.  Leena Rose Miller, who organized the event here, says these pearl-like objects promote peace, healing and inspiration.

As churches struggle to keep young Americans in the fold, some are moving their services to surprising places. In Charlottesville, more than three dozen of the faithful assemble at a bar each month to drink beer and sing hymns. 

VaNews for 02.24.14

Feb 24, 2014

The prayers that open every session of the Virginia House of Delegates are being questioned by some members....and Norfolk has decided it's best to let nature have its way, at least in some cases.

Those stories are among the most read in recent days at the Virginia Public Access Project's VaNews link on


Wild Goose Church

Jul 18, 2013

A new church in southwestern Virginia is looking to local culture to inspire its congregation.

It celebrates the Appalachian spirit of community and practicality best demonstrated by potluck dinners and conversation, followed by music and dancing. The new church, called “Wild Goose,” opened earlier this year in a remote part of Floyd County.