Radford Arsenal


A fire at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant Monday night sent three workers to the hospital.

Officials at the Radford Army Ammunitions Plant announced new strategies for reducing toxic waste at its open burning grounds --and new ways of including the public in those efforts.

Robbie Harris

New River Valley residents had a chance to question officials of the Radford Army Ammunitions Plant, known as the Arsenal, at a community meeting. The plant has long been a controversial neighbor to its surrounding communities in southwestern Virginia.  Its quarterly community meetings, like the one at the Christiansburg Library December 14, may be helping foster a dialogue that could benefit both camps.    

Radford Arsenal Air Test Results

Aug 17, 2017

The Radford Army Ammunition Plant shared final results of its first real world air pollution tests with the public at a meeting in Christiansburg Wednesday night. 


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Researchers who flew a drone over the open burning of hazardous waste at an Army ammunition plant in Virginia found arsenic, lead and other pollutants at higher-than-expected levels, according to a draft report obtained by The Associated Press.