Offshore Oil Drilling

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Opponents of offshore drilling traveled to Richmond Wednesday to speak out against President Trump’s plan to open coastal waters for drilling. The public information session on the plan was the first and only in Virginia.

The Trump administration has again raised the prospect of drilling for oil and gas off Virginia’s coast, but those are not the only energy sources found at sea.  A substance called Fire and Ice could supply the world with energy for decades.

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Virginia’s Governor is continuing to push the Trump administration to exempt the state from a proposed expansion of offshore drilling. Governor Ralph Northam says he spoke with the Secretary of the Interior this week.

(State Lands Commission via AP)

A bipartisan group of lawmakers from Virginia are upset over the Interior Department’s plans to open up waters off the East Coast to oil and gas drilling.


Virginians are protesting today’s announcement from the Trump administration allowing offshore drilling for oil and gas along the East Coast of this state, the Carolinas and Georgia.  Many different groups have joined in opposition.