Charlottesville's Garage: Alternative Art Space

Aug 20, 2015

Central Virginia boasts plenty of great places for concerts, but there’s one venue that offers a unique experience for the audience, and the bands that play there.


The garage sits between a funeral home and the office of Christ Episcopal Church. The audience sits across the street on a low wall at the edge of Lee Park.  

“The busier and busier it gets, we spread up the hill, and you can dance at the back, you can dance in the road if it’s a quiet night," says Madeleine Partridge, who has worked two dozen shows since May.

Flickr user Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, Creative Commons

The 80th Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax lasts until late Saturday night. Some people may think the convention is all banjos and fiddles and high lonesome harmonies. But out in the campground, a person might encounter uilleann pipes, concertinas or even a didgeridoo. This week, they might hear a Nepalese cousin to the fiddle called a sarangi.

Many musicians at the Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax come from just a few hours drive away, but others travel from England and Australia and Japan. Shyam Nepali came from Nepal - and he brought his sarangi.

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The 18th Old Fiddlers Convention is going on in Galax this week. For most of the people in Felts Park, it’s a vacation and a celebration, but for members of the Galax Moose lodge, it’s a lot of work and an important fundraiser – and one lodge member has been among the Moose managing the convention for half a century.

Galax Vies to Break World Record...Again

Jul 28, 2015

The 80th Galax Old Fiddlers’ Convention begins next Monday, August 3. On day two, Tuesday, of this year’s week long convention, hundreds of musicians will attempt to assemble the world’s largest mandolin ensemble.

Sound: “One, two, three, play.” (followed by hundreds of mandolins playing “Old Joe Clark.”)

That is the sound of 389 mandolins playing “Old Joe Clark” in the grandstands at Felts Park, home of The Galax Old Fiddlers’ convention.

Sound: cheering

Bristol – a city straddling the Virginia/Tennessee border - is known as the birthplace of Country fact, it was designated as such by Congress in 1998. It's a title that comes with one of the most important events in music history. Known as the “Big Bang of Country Music,” several modern popular artists are paying tribute to the Bristol Sessions through a new collaborative project.