Mountain Valley Pipeline

AP Photo / Steve Helber

Roanoke County is trying to head off conflicts over the Mountain Valley Pipeline project before they even begin.

Lawmakers from southwest Virginia are pushing several bills responding to controversial plans to build natural gas pipelines in Virginia.

Dominion Energy says the recent cold snap highlights the need for more natural gas pipelines in Virginia.

Mara Robbins

A group of landowners, local businesses and elected officials is crying foul at the way the rulings went, on two proposed natural gas pipelines for Virginia.  The Water Control Board held off on a final decision on the Atlantic coast pipeline, pending further review.  However, it OK’d a similar pipeline for southwestern Virginia.

Steve Helber / AP

Anti-pipeline advocates are taking stock this week, after a confusing set of decisions by state regulators. They’ve decided to treat two pipeline projects differently, granting approval to one but demanding more review on the other.