Mountain Valley Pipeline

Roanoke Times

Environmental Groups are reacting strongly against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Environmental Assessment of the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project has been released. The companies seeking to build the 300 -mile gas pipeline say they respect the opinions of those who oppose the project.  Robbie Harris Reports.      

Pipelines; A Bird's Eye View Part 2

Jun 14, 2017
Molly Hagan Photography

Decision day is getting closer for the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  If approved, it would carry natural gas from Pennsylvania, through Virginia and beyond. In part one of our report, Robbie Harris told you about about a call for regulators to look at the big picture when considering new pipeline projects.  Today we get a bird’s eye view of part of the proposed route, where the pipeline would cross the Appalachian Trail, also known as  “The ‘A’ ‘T.’  

Pipelines; A Bird's Eye View Part 1

Jun 13, 2017

Nearly three years after E-Q-T Partners proposed the Mountain Valley Natural Gas pipeline, decision day is approaching. If approved, it would carry the fuel, underground, 300 miles across Virginia. But that prospect continues to fuel vigorous debate about pipelines: how they’re planned, how they’re approved, and whether they’re even necessary.  Robbie Harris has more.   

Oil Change International

According to a new analysis released this week, two proposed pipeline projects in the state could have significant environmental impacts.

"Pipeline Fighters" Documentary Premiers in Blacksburg

Feb 14, 2017

A documentary called ‘Pipeline Fighters” will debut in Theaters in Blacksburg and Roanoke.  It began as an online series about the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  Now it’s become a feature length film that also examines the impact pipelines and fracked natural gas are having on communities beyond the state.