Medicaid Expansion

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With just a few days left before the end of the legislative session, it’s still unclear if Medicaid expansion will pass. For the first time in years, Republicans in the House of Delegates are supporting the measure. But Senate Republicans are still opposed.


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West Virginia is not the only place where teacher raises are being debated. Lawmakers in Richmond are divided about whether or not they can afford to pay teachers more.

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Lawmakers may be on the verge of expanding health insurance to poor people. But they’re hearing opposition from the right and the left, according to Michael Pope at the Capitol.

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Lawmakers in Richmond are trying to balance the books, but the numbers aren’t adding up. At least not yet.

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Supporters of expanding Medicaid are celebrating movement in the House of Delegates after many years of resistance. The House included an expansion in its state budget proposal released over the weekend.

The expansion still has to get through the Senate, though, which did not include  the effort in its budget version.