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Virginia Women's Conference This Weekend

Nov 16, 2015

Hundreds of women will be networking in downtown Roanoke this weekend at the Virginia Women’s Conference, hosted by Senator Mark Warner.

The annual event takes place in rotating regions of the state, with a day of sessions on careers, health, personal development and business. At this year’s conference, one of the sessions was inspired by a documentary called “The Big Flip—Stories from the Modern Home Front.”  The film explores the challenges of marriage and parenting, when the woman is the primary breadwinner.  

LGBT Rights: Church-Based Discrimination

Sep 10, 2015
AP Photo by Matt Rourke

When the Supreme Court affirmed the right of same sex couples to marry, some people assumed the gay community was home free, with all the legal protections it might need.  In fact, Virginia’s ACLU says otherwise.

When the Kiwanis Club rallied for its annual 5K run in the parking lot of a church in Charlottesville, participants were told they could not come back next year.  A rumor circulated that the church didn’t want gay athletes in the neighborhood.  That was a distressing moment for Kenny Ball – an avid runner.

The majority of Virginia Republicans in Congress are backing an effort they say will protect religious institutions and businesses from having to abide by the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling.

KOMU News, Creative Commons

In a landmark 5 to 4 decision today in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, the United States Supreme Court affirmed marriage equality for all 50 states. 


The ruling protects the marriages of nearly 2,000 Virginia couples who have married since marriage equality came to Virginia in October, thousands more who have had their marriages recognized, and dozens of children who have been adopted or had both their parents placed on their birth certificate.


Zune Lee

It’s been fifty years since a top official at the Labor Department released a report on African-American families, and now – as part of the Look3 Festival  in Charlottesville – a show called Father Figure disputes that report.  Andrea Douglas is Executive Director of the African-American Heritage Center.