Virginia State Police

Tornadoes caused significant damage and some injuries across southern and central Virginia Sunday evening.

A New Life for Off Lease Cars

Nov 7, 2017

People who track the automotive industry predict at least two significant disruptions in the years to come – self–driving and electric cars, and in a small Virginia city there’s a third change underway – one that could have a big impact on the used car market. 

Lynchburg City Schools

A well-known consulting firm that works with school systems is in hot water this week after one of its regional directors barred a reporter from a public meeting.

Images Courtesy of VAVP


Police in Lynchburg are currently investigating the murder of Ebony Morgan, a transgender woman. Morgan had been shot multiple times before she was found and taken to the hospital last Sunday. But Morgan is not the first transgender victim in Virginia, and it has the region’s LGBTQ community shaken. 




Understanding Lynchburg's Unemployment Rate

Jul 7, 2017
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Unemployment is down across Virginia, although the numbers vary between metropolitan areas. Michael Pope is digging into the data.