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Greene County Incident
1:18 pm
Thu January 8, 2015

Bill Might Halt Handcuffs On School Kids

Delegate Bell spent the last ten years of his teaching career in Special Ed.

Last fall's controversial handcuffing and shackling of a Greene County pre-schooler might have been prevented by a new bill that could soon make its way through the General Assembly.

Delegate Dickie Bell will introduce a measure calling on the state’s Education Department to regulate the use of restraints on students. His bill was already in the works when he heard that an officer had cuffed and shackled a four-year-old.

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Part 4 of 5
4:00 am
Thu January 8, 2015

Marijuana Reforms: Money & Medicine

Credit Photo: David Trawin,

A new poll commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project shows 60% of Virginians think it’s time to decriminalize marijuana, and three out of four voters think seriously ill people should have legal access to medical marijuana. 

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McDonnell Sentenced
7:40 am
Wed January 7, 2015

Reactions to McDonnell's Sentencing

Credit Photo: Anne Marie Morgan

Virginia’s former governor received a lighter sentence than many legal experts predicted following his corruption trial.  Bob McDonnell will serve two years in a federal prison and remain on parole for two years.  Sandy Hausman spoke with two men who had kept a close watch on the case. 

At George Mason University, Assistant Law School Dean Richard Kelsey had predicted a fairly lenient sentence.

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Law & Crime
4:15 pm
Tue January 6, 2015

Former Governor Sentenced: Comments Following Sentencing


Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has been sentenced to two years in prison for corruption. He’s due to report to prison by February 9th.

The judge’s punishment was far below the 10 years prosecutors wanted, but still more than the community service that  the former governor and hundreds of supporters asked for.

Speaking to reporters after the sentencing, McDonnell said he was a fallen human being.

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Part 3 of 5
2:11 pm
Tue January 6, 2015

Marijuana Reforms: Are the Kids Alright?


As Virginia’s legislature considers a bill to decriminalize marijuana, some critics worry that doing so will send the wrong message to kids who may already view the drug as harmless, and the prospect of legalization sends some parents into a panic. 

Maryland, North Carolina and the District of Columbia have ditched criminal penalties for possession and cultivation of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, and State Senator Adam Ebbin thinks it’s time for Virginia to do likewise. 

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