Law and Crime

Law & Crime
8:36 am
Thu July 17, 2014

IRS Phone Scam Spreading Across the State

A nationwide scam has made its way to Virginia and state officials are sending out a warning. 

The latest phone scam to hit the state involves fake IRS agents asking for money, and threatening arrests if you “don’t pay up”. The criminals will claim that you have an outstanding IRS debt and will strongly request that you “settle up” using a credit card.

What makes the situation look and sound so legitimate for many who receive the call, is that the caller ID will likely say the call is coming from the IRS in Washington DC or from a local police department.

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Upcoming Federal Corruption Trial
4:33 pm
Tue July 15, 2014

Pre-Trial Hearing for Former Governor & Wife

Former Governor Bob McDonnell
Credit File Photo

While they sat separately but alongside their defense teams, former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, seemed to have a much calmer demeanor than some of other court appearances associated with their upcoming federal corruption trial.  Their defense has been dealt several blows, but their latest pretrial hearing sought to discredit the prosecution’s tactics and star witness.

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Government & Politics
7:37 am
Mon July 7, 2014

One Solution for Salary Disparities Among State Attorneys

On average, public defenders in Virginia make 25% less than prosecutors, even though both are state employees. Now, there’s a move to change that, with two communities offering supplements that bring the two groups close to parity.  

Jim Hingely is the public defender for Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

“We represent people who otherwise could not afford to have lawyers, and we assure that they have fair trials, and we assure that they’re being fairly treated.”

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Morrissey Won't Resign
10:40 am
Wed July 2, 2014

State Delegate Calls Allegations Baseless

State Delegate Joe Morrissey

Henrico Delegate Joe Morrissey says he will not resign his seat in the General Assembly following this week’s indictment that stems from his relationship with a teenager.  He made the statement after a fellow Democrat, Delegate Mark Keam, had called on Morrissey to step down. 


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Gifting Firearms
11:38 am
Thu June 26, 2014

Virginia's Gun Laws

Virginia guns laws are despised by officials up and down the east coast who say the lose laws bleed guns onto their crime-ridden streets.

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