House of Delegates

Brad Kutner

Virginia has a record number of openly lesbian, gay and transgender candidates running for house seats this November. It could offer a dramatic change of policy… if they can get constituents to come to the door.

Michael Pope

This year’s House of Delegates election is historic for the amount of attention and outside money that’s flowing into the race. But it’s also noteworthy for another feature of the candidates — how young many of them are. 

Voters will have more choices in this year’s election for the House of Delegates than they have ever had before.

This fall, Democrats plan to focus their attention on 17 House of Delegates districts where Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump, but money for those races may not flood in. Michael Pope explains why.

Steve Helber / AP

With the statewide primary season fast approaching, members of Virginia’s House of Delegates are making final determinations about whether to run — including several announcements this week.