Gun Control

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Democrats are hoping to make gun-control a central plank in this year’s elections, but Virginia Republicans say it’s a bad idea.

A Tale of Two Governments

Jun 23, 2016
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The sit-in launched by Democrats in the House of Representatives may be over, but the gridlock in Washington over the gun debate offers a stark contrast with what happened in Richmond earlier this year. That’s when leaders from opposing parties were able to craft a sweeping compromise on the issue.

Virginia Readies to Take Guns from Abusers

Jun 22, 2016
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As Congress struggles to make any headway on gun control, Virginia is set to implement a new set of gun regulation.

In 2014, 66 people in the state were killed by a spouse or partner, using a firearm. One new measure seeks to lower that number. 

The new law, touted as an important step for bipartisan gun control, prohibits individuals who have permanent protective orders from possessing a firearm.

Brian Moran, Virginia’s Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, explains.


Just after 11 AM on Wednesday, June 15th, Democratic Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy seized the Senate floor and embarked on a nearly 15-hour long filibuster in order to secure a vote on gun-control legislation.

He was joined by more than 35 of his colleagues, both Democrats and Republicans, including both of Virginia's Democratic senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.

Lawmakers Aim to Overturn Governor's Gun Orders

Jan 26, 2016

Opponents of new gun control laws have set their sights on two executive orders issued by the governor – vowing to undo Terry McAuliffe’s limits on those who want to carry concealed weapons in the Commonwealth.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

Letters have gone out to 25 states informing them that because they have different rules for carrying a concealed weapon, Virginia will no longer honor the permits they’ve issued.  Senator Bill Carrico says that’s a big problem for his district.