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The old saying goes that there are only two things certain in the world, death and taxes. However, that’s not necessarily true for the short-term rental market.

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Stories of shootings involving police and the public are often in the news, but officials in Virginia are hoping to prevent them here. Attorney General Mark Herring traveled more than 2,500 this summer to meet with law enforcement and community leaders in 22 cities.  Now, the governor is planning his own listening tours, beginning tomorrow in Richmond.  

With incumbent Congressman Robert Hurt stepping down, one of the largest districts in the state is now up for grabs.  Candidates Jane Ditmar and Tom Garett met this week for the first in a series of debates.

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Virginia may have three open congressional seats this year, but the races aren’t all that contested. Only one of the seats is highly competitive. So what do the campaign finance numbers have to say about the congressional races this year? 

Some of the largest campaign war chests are being assembled in some of the safest seats in Virginia. Take Congressman Gerry Connolly, the Democrat from Northern Virginia. He’s raised about $1.6 million. And he has no challenger. 

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The United States Supreme Court may have thrown out the public corruption convictions for former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen McDonnell. But that’s not the end of legal jeopardy for the couple.