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Gift-Giving Limits, Gerrymandering
2:00 pm
Sun November 16, 2014

Integrity & Public Confidence in State Government

Governor McAuliffe with Commission Members

Although they're not quite final, the Governor's Commission on Integrity and Public Confidence in State Government is just about ready to submit its recommendations to Governor McAuliffe to meet his December 1st deadline. 

One of the lingering issues is how to change the process for determining legislative districts and preventing gerrymandering.

Former Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, who co-chairs the commission, says the key proposals include a requirement that gift-giving limits are set at $250 across-the-board for tangible and intangible gifts.

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Your Brain on Politics
7:23 am
Fri November 14, 2014

Predicting Party Affiliation

It might be difficult to tell how someone affiliates politically just by looking at them, but an international team of scientists has come close. They’ve found a way to predict a person’s party of preference by how they react to gruesome images – with 95 to 98 percent accuracy. 

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Civics Summit
4:03 pm
Thu November 13, 2014

Political Analyst: Voters Send the Message

Eric Cantor loses the number two spot in the House of Representatives, former Governor Bob McDonnell is convicted on corruption charges, and Mark Warner almost loses his U.S. Senate seat after one term.  

Political analyst Bob Holsworth told social studies teachers at a Civics Summit that if he had predicted several years ago what happened to Virginia's most popular politicians this year, he probably would not have been invited to speak.  But  he offered some enlightenment about the Commonwealth’s recent electoral politics.

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Donation Pays it Forward for Founding Father
3:42 pm
Thu November 13, 2014

A Gift for Montpelier

Credit The Montpelier Foundation

November 15th, tomorrow, is National Philanthropy Day, as President Ronald Reagan first deemed it back in 1986. It’s a time to recognize those who give and volunteer in our communities.

With that, the story now of a wealthy fan of American history. 

While the homes of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are multi-million dollar tourist attractions for Virginia,  a $10 million donation now means the managers of James and Dolley Madison’s home, Montpelier, will be stepping up their game as well.

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Brat In, Cantor Out
6:57 am
Thu November 13, 2014

A Changing of the Guard in the 7th District


Virginia Republican David Brat is now officially "Congressman David Brat." 

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