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As Republicans prepare to gather in Cleveland for their convention, a legal challenge in Virginia threatens to upend the process. The lawsuit comes from a Northern Virginia supporter of Ted Cruz who says he should be able to vote his conscience.

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 The reverberations of the Supreme Court throwing out the conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is being felt across the nation. 

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This week, Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe issued yet another executive order, this time to bypass the General Assembly and take a look at ways the commonwealth can respond to climate change. It’s the latest example of a governor who has increasingly taken to using executive power to accomplish his agenda, a trend that’s causing alarm among Republican leaders in the General Assembly.

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Democrats are hoping to make gun-control a central plank in this year’s elections, but Virginia Republicans say it’s a bad idea.

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Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s political career may be over. But his days raising money are not.