Government & Politics

Government & Politics
7:45 am
Tue April 22, 2014

Governor Terry McAuliffe: The First 100 Days


Governor McAuliffe is touting his first 100 days in office and outlining the accomplishments achieved by his administration so far.  He delivered his remarks to state agency officials and cabinet secretaries at the Library of Virginia-and thanked them for the work they have done.  The Governor was especially enthusiastic about his pursuit of new economic development agreements. . . 

McAuliffe announced creation of nearly 5,000 jobs and said he had spent much of his time forging deals-since defense cuts have generated a need to diversify the state’s economy.

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Government & Politics
6:26 am
Mon April 21, 2014

VaNews for 04.21.14

One of the 20th Century's greatest engineering achievements turns 50 years old....and you'll soon be able to explore the James River online. 

Those have been among the most read stories this past week at the Virginia Public Access Project's  VaNews link on

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Government & Politics
5:20 am
Fri April 18, 2014

Gillespie, Warner, and Small Fish at the 66th Annual Shad Planking

Credit CNN

It’s a six decades-old Virginia rite of passage for aspiring statewide officeholders to attend the annual Shad Planking political event in Wakefield.  While all contenders were not invited to speak at this year's gathering, those who are vying for U.S. Senator Mark Warner's seat were not intimidated by his keynote address—especially his presumptive Republican rival, Ed Gillespie.

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The Liberterian Candidate's Game Plan
4:54 pm
Thu April 17, 2014

The Sarvis for Senate Campaign

Robert Sarvis

While he didn't win the Virginia gubernatorial race last year, Libertarian Robert Sarvis pulled more than 6% of the vote—which is impressive for a third-party candidate--and enough for some to argue that he siphoned votes away from former Virginia GOP Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Now, fresh off that campaign, Sarvis is really trying to pull an upset and win the U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Mark Warner.


Sarvis says he's not delusional and knows the odds are against him, but he’s counting on voters who are tired of the two-party system.

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Lower Levels of Emissions
7:40 am
Wed April 16, 2014

Virginia Clean Cities Representatives Talk Natural Gas at Expo

Representatives of Virginia Clean Cities joined car manufacturers and industry experts at a Richmond Expo to showcase new technologies and vehicles powered by natural gas.  They say such vehicles can produce significantly lower levels of emissions than traditional fuel sources….and that switching one waste truck has the pollution-reduction impact of removing 325 cars from the road.

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