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When they head to the polls on Election Day, most voters will be focused on the presidential election. But here in Virginia, they'll also be considering a little-known constitutional amendment — one that had a violent beginning.

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It wasn’t all that long ago that Virginia was considered a red state, or at least a state that strongly leaned Republican. Now Democrats have won the last two presidential cycles, and the trend is expected to continue again this year. 

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

With President Obama heading out of office soon Virginia Republicans fear he’s preparing a slew of executive orders that could hurt the economy in the Commonwealth.

Election Officials Bracing for Armed Poll Watchers

Oct 27, 2016
AP Photo / Al Behrman, File

After the campaign headquarters of Jane Dittmar was visited by armed demonstrators recently, election officials across Virginia began asking about what will happen when people show up on Election Day with firearms. 

Could Hackers Influence the Election?

Oct 18, 2016
Marcie Casas / Creative Commons

With alleged cyber-attacks from Russia on the rise, federal officials are looking at ways to keep foreign operatives from meddling with this year's elections.