General Assembly

Virginia’s House and Senate have agreed on a budget that increases state dollars for education, but critics say rich schools will do better than poor ones under the current funding formula, and we’ll still be far behind where we were when the recession hit.  

Since 2009, Virginia has cut about $800 million a year in funding for public schools. Now, lawmakers have agreed to restore some of that money - about $856 million over two years.

Virginia Lawmakers Split on New Trade Deals

Mar 23, 2016

There are isolationist sentiments sweeping the nation right now, and Virginia lawmakers are feeling the pressure to oppose new trade deals.

There isn’t much overlap between Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, but the two are singing similar tunes when it comes to trade policy. Both are railing against the president’s Trans Pacific Partnership while on the stump.

A proposal at Virginia's state legislature to give tax dollars back to some parents and kids that don't use the public school system has been approved by both houses -- but only after significant changes.

The bill will now only affect families who have mentally or physically disabled children. The goal is to give parents more choice for their children who have specific needs.

Planned Parenthood has been the subject of debate at Virginia’s legislature this session. Lawmakers have now passed a bill that would make the organization ineligible to receive any state dollars. 

But the measure, which drew crowds of dissenters, would actually change very little about the way Planned Parenthoods in the state are currently funded. 

Virginia Sets a Minimum Age to Marry

Mar 7, 2016

If you’re 16 or 17 in Virginia, you can marry if you have parental consent -- a girl under 16 can get married if she’s pregnant.

Now, Virginia looks set to change that. A bipartisan effort to address child marriage is now heading to the Governor’s desk. 

A bill that’s passed both chambers of Virginia’s legislature would make 16 the absolute minimum age to marry. It would also make marriages of a 16 or 17-year-old legal only if the child is emancipated by a judge.