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A business owner says Virginia’s restrictions on advertising happy hour drink specials are unconstitutional.  Now he's challenging the rules in a federal lawsuit.

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The restaurant and food industry in Virginia is huge, making up one in every ten jobs and bringing in nearly $17 billion annually, according to the National Restaurant Association. But, as the Me Too movement has taken hold, so have women’s voices. From Roanoke to Richmond, people working in the industry say sexual harassment is common.

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A bipartisan push to increase access to healthy foods is making its way through the General Assembly. The proposal would create the Grocery Investment Fund, to help get new businesses off the ground in areas that need them.

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The holiday season is here and for some people that means parties, rich food and traditional drinks.  This year there’s something new to guide the creation of those cocktails – a book called The Imbible

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The first batch of whiskey in the new world was distilled in Virginia nearly 400 years ago, and in his time native son George Washington would become its biggest producer, bottling 11,000 gallons in 1798 alone.  Today, Virginia has 42 distilleries, including a new enterprise offering bourbon and beef.