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Virginia U.S. Senate Race
8:45 am
Mon October 6, 2014

Much Discussion as the Gillespie and Warner Race Heats Up

Credit Associated Press

It’s roughly a month before Virginians must decide whether to rehire Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Warner, or choose someone new. During a forum where seniors had an opportunity to interact with Warner's leading opponent, Republican Ed Gillespie, the questions weren't focused on retirement and senior care. Instead, they addressed hot-button issues such as immigration reform, the Affordable Care Act, and strengthening the military. 

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Government & Politics
8:22 pm
Tue September 30, 2014

VA House Member Criticizes Secret Service in Wake of White House Breaches

Northern Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly accuses the Secret Service of failing its duties long before an intruder was able to enter the White House. Capitol Hill reporter Matt Laslo has the story on how Connolly says a previous incident should have barred the intruder from ever getting that close…  

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8:00 am
Wed September 24, 2014

VP Biden in VA to Tout Transportation Spending

Today (Wednesday) Vice President Joe Biden is speaking in Norfolk, Virginia to highlight federal transportation spending. 

This year congressional gridlock brought the federal highway trust fund to the brink of running out of cash before lawmakers were able to cobble together a short term patch to keep it funded. That’s why the administration is fanning out across the U-S touting federal investments.

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The U.S. vs. ISIS
7:40 am
Thu September 18, 2014

VA Lawmakers Vote to Help Syrians Fight Islamic State

The majority of Virginia lawmakers voted to start arming moderate Syrian rebels. 

A bipartisan group of eight Virginia lawmakers voted in favor of President Obama’s plan to start arming and training moderate rebels in Syria. Even so, many did so with reservations. On the House floor Northern Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly told his colleagues what he wasn’t voting for.

“But I want to add in caution that this action should not be interpreted as granting Congressional authorization for the broader use of military force to combat the growing threat posed by ISIL.” 

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Government & Politics
4:16 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

Officials Address Problems at Salem VA Town Hall Meeting

Psychologist Dr. Phil Lehman takes questions, Salem VA Medical Center leaders sit at the table - pictured are Dr. Miguel LaPuz and Dr. Anne Hutchins.

As the Department of Veterans Affairs continues to examine the policies and procedures in place that have seemingly failed thousands of veterans seeking healthcare, VA Medical Centers nationwide have been holding town meetings to hear from those directly affected by the system. The concerns raised at the VA Medical Center in Salem this week echoed those heard nationwide. 

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