Election 2017

A Look Into Virginia's Candidate Selection Process

May 12, 2017
MBandman / Creative Commons

Democrats and Republicans will be heading to the polls in June for a primary for statewide offices. But voters in 26 House of Delegates districts will also be selecting candidates. It’s part of a patchwork of different nominating methods, including conventions and caucuses.


Democrats are having a banner year fielding candidates in House of Delegates races, including many challenges to incumbent Republicans in deeply red parts parts of Virginia. Leaders in the GOP say bring it on. 


The Republican primary for lieutenant governor is heating up, and one candidate is hitting the airwaves with a commercial aimed at frightening voters. 


Voters are only weeks away from selecting General Assembly candidates in the June primaries. And Republicans are fielding the smallest number of candidates for House of Delegates races in more than a decade.


This year all of Virginia’s state lawmakers are up for re-election. And those House of Delegates races don’t always get the kind of publicity as higher profile elections. But, as Michael Pope reports, this year might be different.