Election 2017

Michael Pope

Election 2017 may end up being one of the most expensive races in Virginia history. This week, Democrats are receiving a major infusion of cash.

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If you’ve been watching TV, you’ve probably noticed it’s election season. This fall, candidates for governor have been flooding the airwaves with commercials. But as Michael Pope reports, one candidate is spending more than the other.

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With only two months until election day, officials in Virginia have decided fully-electronic voting machines aren’t safe. Amid growing cyber-security threats, the Board of Elections is forcing localities to stop using the of the touch screen machines that leave no paper trail.

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Two of Virginia’s candidates for Governor were in Richmond Thursday at a forum hosted by Virginia’s NAACP.

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Virginia may not have any local governments that are willing to defy federal immigration law. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the commonwealth doesn’t have any sanctuary cities, depending on how that term is defined. And, as Michael Pope reports, the debate has become a flashpoint in the race for governor.