Ed Gillespie

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In his first interview since losing the race for Governor, Republican Ed Gillespie says he’s rooting for Governor-elect Ralph Northam.


“I hope he’s a good Governor for us, I think he’s a good man and I said that throughout the campaign,” Gillespie said.

Michael Pope

So what was it really like behind the scenes of a campaign for governor? Michael Pope has this look inside the two major party campaigns.

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The candidates vying to be Virginia's next governor campaigned across the state today with hopes of making one last appeal to voters before polls open tomorrow morning. 

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Polling in Virginia's gubernatorial race is a mixed bag, with different polls predicting different results next week.

How Would Gillespie Tax Cut Proposal Affect You?

Oct 25, 2017
Bonnie Jo Mount / The Washington Post via AP, Pool

Ask the Republican and Democrat running for Governor how Virginia’s economy is faring, and you’ll get two very different answers.