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Is Virginia saving money for a rainy day? The Pew Charitable Trust says the commonwealth could do a better job saving for when times are tough.

One group in Richmond is doing something different to combat poverty. Taking kids from low-income neighborhoods and giving them what they often lack.... mentoring...guidance... a male role-model... all disguised as an after-school biking program. Richmond Cycling Corps it's called.

Since the Great Recession brought the state’s unemployment rate to a 20-year high, Virginia’s economy has been improving… but slowly. That’s according to a new economic report from Old Dominion University. 

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The latest round of unemployment numbers tell a tale of two Virginias, one thriving and another struggling.

"Building a Healthy Economy from the Bottom Up"

Oct 20, 2016

Even though productivity of American workers has been on the rise for decades, it’s no secret to most  that wages have not. A new book suggests this is because our economy is upside down and that now is the ideal time for a change.   Robbie Harris spoke with the author and she has this report.