Climate Change

Could Individual States Lead Climate Change Efforts?

May 30, 2017
AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

Governor Terry McAuliffe recently unveiled a plan to cut back on the state’s carbon emission output. As Nick Gilmore reports, it may be a trend that other states adopt in the future.

UVA McIntire School of Commerce

This weekend’s protests again raised questions of when and how this country will combat climate change. At the University of Virginia, one faculty member  sees positive signs on the horizon.

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Some Virginia Republicans are calling attention to sea level rise because it's impacting their coastal districts. Matt Laslo reports they're in the minority in their party.

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To those living on Virginia’s coastlines, discussions of climate change are no longer theoretical. Rising sea levels has real impact, right now. A report released this week by researchers at William and Mary predicts climate change could cost the Hampton Roads area more than $100 million in damages EACH year, if nothing is done. 



Don’t let the recent record snow fool you.  2015 was the warmest year since record keeping began in the 1880s. And that’s why scientists are saying the historic Paris Climate Agreement came just in time.  Robbie Harris spoke with a Virginia Tech Researcher who’s been a delegate to the summit for years. She says she’s never seen anything like what happened there this past December.

“People were crying, negotiators were crying, government officials were crying. It’ s like we did it. We finally did it. We adopted an agreement.”