Civil War

Words by Women During the Civil War

Mar 28, 2017

It may seem like an invasion of privacy to read someone’s diary, but for historians they are treasure troves.  Because they’re not written for public consumption, like a memoir or a letter, they open a window into the deepest thoughts of the writer. The Historic Fredericksburg Foundation has organized a lecture series featuring the diaries of three women who lived in there during  the American Civil War begins this week. 

Chris Gensic

While most of this state’s gardening gets done in the spring and summer, Virginia’s tree lovers have been busy this fall.  Sandy Hausman reports on an effort to plant 620,000 – one for each man who died in the Civil War.

When a Car Ride Led to Friendship

Apr 28, 2016

This is how a friendship started. 

Paige Chargois was picking up her newspaper at the Independent Living community where she lives in Richmond. That’s when she met a woman who appeared to be lost. The woman was a new neighbor, and she needed to get to a bank to cash a check.


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For 92 years, a statue of Robert E. Lee on horseback has dominated a small downtown park in Charlottesville. This morning, several dozen people gathered in Lee Park to show their support for a new proposal to take it down, and rename the park where it stands.


Charlottesville city councilor Wes Bellamy opened his press conference with a welcome to all in attendance. But things quickly turned tense as a small group of Confederate flag waving protesters from Richmond and elsewhere repeatedly interrupted local residents who Bellamy had invited to speak.

VA to Stop Issuing Confederate License Plates

Jun 23, 2015

 Governor Terry McAuliffe wants the Confederate flag banished from all Virginia license plates.

He references the killings at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina…as well as a Supreme Court decision that states can limit the content of license plates.

Virginia vanity plates include one for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which features the battle flag in the logo.