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Last August, white supremacists marched through the streets of Charlottesville in violent protests that left one person dead and several others injured. Last night, City and regional leaders told the community how the city is preparing for the one-year anniversary.

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For some girls, the story of Cinderella was about that handsome prince, but for one Charlottesville woman it was always about the shoe.

And this fall she’s launching footwear that promises to revolutionize the walking experience. 

Emily Richardson-Lorente

Two tour buses rolled out of Charlottesville Sunday morning, with about 100 people and one jar of soil aboard. They’re on a pilgrimage, of sorts, to commemorate John Henry James, a lynching victim who died in Charlottesville 120 years ago this week.

Sandy Hausman/Radio IQ

Retailers in this country spend billions of dollars on marketing.  Toy stores, for example, devote an average of ten percent of their profits to ads, but a small shop in Charlottesville is doing something different and reporting great success. 

Murphy and Rude

In the last decade, the number of craft breweries in Virginia has grown more than 600%. With 260 commercial operations in the Commonwealth, demand for  ingredients is also up – a fact that led one man to quit his corporate job and dive deeply into the business of making malt.