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Car-title lenders in Virginia may have dodged a bullet earlier this year when the Virginia General Assembly passed on reforming their industry. But the industry now faces a new threat from Washington. Michael Pope continues our coverage, with the latest on the new federal rule that could dramatically undermine predatory lending.

Kroger Workers Authorize Strike

May 18, 2016
Associated Press

Workers at Kroger stores in western and central Virginia could soon be on strike.

 The union representing some 3,000 employees rejected the company’s latest contract offer today. And workers authorized a strike if they don’t get a new deal by June 4th.

Virginia Protects Beer from Risks of Climate Change

May 18, 2016

Scientists are warning that climate change could mean higher prices for one of the world’s most popular drinks – beer, but farmers and scientists in Virginia are working to assure a steady supply of one key ingredient.

The Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet is one of more than 42-hundred in the United States.  Last year, the number was up more than 17% as new craft, micro or nano-breweries opened in almost every state. Robbie O’Cain is Starr Hill’s master brewer.

Car Title Lenders & Secret Documents

May 12, 2016
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Regulators at the State Corporation Commission are siding with car-title lenders against open government, denying a request for information from the Center for Public Integrity. But  open government advocates are taking their case all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court.

Devils Backbone, the eight year old craft brewery headquartered in Nelson County, was recently bought for an undisclosed sum by global beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev. Now, some Virginia fans of the scruffy indie brand are questioning whether the label has sold out.