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Business & Industry
4:00 am
Wed July 1, 2015

AirBnB: Cheap, Convenient, Potentially Illegal - in Richmond

Airbnb is a prime example of what’s known as the sharing economy - homeowners renting out rooms on a short-term basis to visitors looking for a low-cost alternative to hotels.  Booking occurs through the company’s website, which takes a cut.  Users says it’s a great way to make extra cash, but some cities - like Richmond -- claim the practice is illegal.

Deborah Doe shares her historic Richmond home with three zebra finches, a dog and a cat.  She also welcomes guests from around the world - collecting about $70 a night through Airbnb.

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9:45 am
Fri June 26, 2015

Renaming the Redskins

Flickr user Keith Allison
Credit Creative Commons

The Washington Redskins were back in court this week, hoping to overturn a U.S. Patent Office decision that canceled the team’s trademark, because some find it offensive.  That controversy prompted business students at Virginia Commonwealth University to research and choose new names for DC’s professional football team. 

Whatever happens in court, VCU Business Professor Kelly O’Keefe says Washington has got to come up with a new name, because native Americans are not the only ones who think calling a team by skin color is offensive.

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Part 3 of Floyd's Kinder, Gentler Shark Tank
11:17 am
Thu June 25, 2015

Creating Creative Small Businesses

 About half the private sector jobs in this country are in small businesses. Women comprise a third of small business owners nationwide.  But in Floyd Virginia, where county officials held a contest for the best new small business plans, 100% of the winners were women. 

In parts 1 and 2 of this report, you met some of them. Today we meet the others.

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Part 2: Home Grown Business Idea
4:00 am
Thu June 25, 2015

More from Floyd's Kinder, Gentler Shark Tank

Leah Rodriguez of "Petals and Leaves Nursery" with her daughter, Lily Strong.

 Small, rural communities can have a tough time attracting large employers; so some are looking to spur local business development from the ground up. In Floyd, Virginia, they held a competition offering prizes for the best business plans.

Yesterday we heard from the first place winner, who’ll now be able to take her natural and organic body care products to the next level. 

Today, in part 2 of our series….we meet the second place winner with another home grown business idea. 

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Part 1: Creating Creative Small Businesses
5:23 pm
Tue June 23, 2015

A Kinder, Gentler Shark Tank

Lots of people dream of starting their own businesses. But how many of those table  top discussions actually go on to the next phase?  Taking a cue from the popularity of the “Shark Tank” TV show, spin-off tanks are springing up.  Communities are  using them to help launch local businesses in Virginia. 

If TV’s Shark Tank is for the big fish, Floyd’s was more like a school of small fish.  Instead of venture capitalists looking to invest it was area economic development experts doing the judging.

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