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Lawmakers in Richmond are trying to balance the books, but the numbers aren’t adding up. At least not yet.

Pamela D'Angelo

After nearly a decade of work, the once-polluted, urban Lafayette River in Norfolk is rebounding. The Elizabeth River Project and Chesapeake Bay Foundation will build just five more acres of oyster reefs to become Virginia's first river to meet Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration goals. Last week, federal, state and local legislators celebrated with community activists, but remain concerned that the president's budget has zeroed out all bay cleanup funding.

Next week Virginians will get their chance to weigh in on the state budget.

This year agencies will be tightening their belts, working to close a more than $1 billion gap between revenues and spending. 

Congressional Infighting over Budget Continues

Mar 21, 2016

Republicans were swept into power on Capitol Hill in part by promising to bring the nation’s fiscal house into order. A part of their argument was that Democrats had given up on writing, let alone passing, budgets. Now the tables have turned.

Virginia Republican Congressman Dave Brat was sent to Washington after shocking Washington by ousting former Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary. He’s now a part of a group of lawmakers that is dead set on blocking the budget Republican leaders in the House support.

Congress Passes Omnibus Budget Bill

Dec 21, 2015

 Virginia lawmakers were divided on the legislation to fund the government. 

Only 113 House members voted against the bill to keep the government funded through next September. Six of those Republican no votes are from the commonwealth, which means more Virginian House members opposed it than supported it. For fiscal conservative Republican Congressman Dave Brat says the one point one trillion dollar price tag of the package was just too much.

“Just on the budget numbers alone I made commitments alone.”