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Last month was one of the warmest Mays ever, with a few locations across Virginia seeing record average temperatures.

A small army of water rights advocates is holding a summit on water justice in Blacksburg June 1st and 2nd. They're looking to share skills and bring people together around what they call 'the human right that is water.' 

James Glass

The Boy Scouts of America is known for its leadership training through service and outdoor activities. As its name suggests, it's for boys only. But that's about to change. 

Thomas Murray

It wasn't all that long ago that bicycles and horses ruled the road.  But the advent of cars displaced them with the warning, 'ride at your own risk', or stay off the roads together. 

An author whose new novel is set in Blacksburg, Virginia will be in town this weekend to give a talk about her book.  "Pretend We Are Lovely" is the story of a family's struggles and strategies for coping with grief.