Attorney General Mark Herring

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Richmond City is working with the Attorney General’s office to relaunch an anti-violence media campaign. The campaign includes traditional outreach like billboards and TV ads. But it also relies on some more innovative approaches.

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Virginia’s Attorney General has sued the Trump administration five times. He’s challenged the president’s decision to end DACA, the so-called Muslim Ban, and the recent decision to end subsidies that help poor Virginians afford health insurance.

Now Mark Herring is up for re-election, and criticized for being too political.

Michael Pope

For people who are really hard up for quick cash, reading the fine print of a contract is not always the top priority. That’s how many businesses thrive, charging interest rates in the hundreds to desperate consumers and trapping them in a cycle of debt. Now some elected officials are fighting back.

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City officials from Charlottesville will be back in court this week as part of their ongoing effort to remove the controversial statue of Robert E. Lee. But, as Michael Pope reports, they now have a new advocate in their corner.