Atlantic Coast Pipeline

University of Virginia

A half dozen students clashed with Virginia’s governor Tuesday – demanding he oppose construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline or ACP from West Virginia to North Carolina. Terry McAuliffe dismissed the demonstrators as Sandy Hausman reports.

Oil Change International

According to a new analysis released this week, two proposed pipeline projects in the state could have significant environmental impacts.

"Pipeline Fighters" Documentary Premiers in Blacksburg

Feb 14, 2017

A documentary called ‘Pipeline Fighters” will debut in Theaters in Blacksburg and Roanoke.  It began as an online series about the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  Now it’s become a feature length film that also examines the impact pipelines and fracked natural gas are having on communities beyond the state.  

A Setback for Pipeline Opponents

Feb 6, 2017
Sandy Hausman

A judge in Nelson County has ruled against 39 residents who refused to let surveyors on their land to prepare for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, but as Sandy Hausman reports, opponents say they’ll keep fighting the project.

Hill Studios & Appalachian Trail Conservancy

The public comment period on the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline ends December 22. Supporters and opponents are weighing in on the prospect of a 300-mile pipe carrying natural gas through Virginia. But environmental groups are refusing even to comment on the government’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement, released in September.  They say it’s riddled with errors that misrepresent the effects of the pipeline.