Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture
4:00 am
Tue June 30, 2015

Behind the Scenes with the VA Historical Society

"Shining Shafts Engaged and Disengaged in Lightninglike Play" (obverse) and "Landscape" (reverse), Bernard Stratford Good (1887-1969).
Credit VHS Accession Number: 1998.92.1

Like many museums, the Virginia Historical Society has a lot of stuff in storage.  In fact, less than one percent of its documents and artifacts are on display, but the society offers special tours that take curious people behind the scenes. If you have 90 free minutes on certain Saturdays and a strong curious streak, the Virginia Historical Society invites you to learn about a range of quirky topics.

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Beyond Words...
4:02 pm
Thu June 25, 2015

Healing After Tragedy

  The tragedy in Charleston brings to mind other, similar events; Mass shootings, which have afflicted communities and the wider world, resonating beyond state and national boundaries.  Therapists are developing strategies for healing that go beyond words.

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Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech
1:51 pm
Wed June 24, 2015

The Tweet Seats

Credit Virginia Tech

Pull out your phone in a live theatrical performance, and you might get the stink eye, or even a request to leave. But given the unavoidable technological climate, some theatres, including the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, are beginning to experiment with Tweet Seats, where patrons can safely share their ideas and thoughts about the performances, free from any menacing glares.  

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Discovery Channel
4:00 am
Tue June 23, 2015

TV Moonshiner Goes Legit

The Discovery Channel’s show Moonshiners made one Virginia man famous, but distiller Tim Smith says it didn’t make him rich, so he’s found another way to achieve that goal.

Viewers who’ve seen Moonshiners definitely have the impression of reality TV, as Tim Smith - who lives in Climax, Virginia - fires up an illegal still with the help of his son JT and his business partner Tickle. “Hidden deep within the hollows of a forgotten hollow of America, a battle is raging.” 

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Memorials to the Enslaved
12:47 pm
Thu June 18, 2015

UVA's Shares Tells History Through Gibbons House

The University of Virginia has taken another step in its quest to raise awareness of what enslaved people contributed to UVA during its early years.


At a special ceremony, the school named a new dormitory for Isabella and William Gibbons, a married couple who lived and worked on campus before the Civil War.  Dr. Marcus Martin is co-chair of UVA’s commission on slavery.

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