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There’s no shortage of challenges to life as a farmer: long hours, unpredictable weather, small profit margins. But a new group in central Virginia wants to make sure access to capital isn’t one of those challenges.

Pamela D'Angelo

Big poultry on the DelMarVa Peninsula began by accident when  homemaker Cecile Steele was shipped 500 chicks to raise instead of the 50 she ordered. She kept them, made a profit and ordered a thousand the next year. And so, an industry was born and has been growing ever since.

But the hundreds of thousands of tons of manure produced each year so close to the Chesapeake Bay worries residents of Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Virginia’s beer industry is booming and more farmers are delving into the raw ingredients needed to meet the high demand. So why is finding a beer brewed from all-Virginia ingredients still tough? 

State Legislators Taking Closer Look At Biosolids

Oct 18, 2017
Pamela D'Angelo

Unless you're a farmer or an avid gardener, you probably don't know much about fertilizers. You put some down and your lawn gets greener and your tomatoes bigger.

For people living next door to a farm field, fertilizers have become a worry as some farmers use treated human waste to enrich their soil. 

Cotton Yield Almost Double Last Year's

Oct 16, 2017
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Most areas of Virginia saw little to no rain for all of September, and that’s actually been a good thing for many farmers.


Farmers who need a dry spell to harvest were thrilled with this year’s summer and fall weather patterns. For cotton, it’s meant a 90-percent jump in production from last year.