Affordable Care Act

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Anthem, Virginia’s largest healthcare provider, is pulling out of the Affordable Care Act marketplace – following other insurers who left the system earlier this year. Senator Mark Warner believes that is a troubling sign.

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Virginia’s largest insurer is pulling out of the marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act.

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Despite fears that Virginia’s health insurance marketplace is imploding, people who are insured through the Affordable Care Act in Virginia will actually have more choices next year.

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President Trump has repeatedly vowed to cut off federal funding for the subsidized health-insurance plans that are at the center of the Affordable Care Act. If he decides to pull the trigger on that, what would happen in Virginia?

Tim Kaine's Health Care Plan: Reinsurance

Jul 24, 2017
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In Washington, leaders in both parties are at odds over how to move forward on health care. One senator who is trying to seize the moment is Democrat Tim Kaine, who says he has a plan to move forward.