Virginia Votes

Virginia has more than 5 million registered voters. They come from urban centers, rolling and rural countryside, and increasingly diverse suburbs.

In the end, all those voices will be lumped together in a winner-take-all system to decide where the state’s 13 electoral votes go.

Leading up to election day we’ll be hearing from both voters, and non-voters, across the Commonwealth — in a series we’re calling Virginia Votes. 

Robbie Harris / WVTF

Parts of Montgomery County in southwestern Virginia are like small islands of blue in a sea of red. It’s home to two universities, where many residents lean to the liberal side. But the county as a whole has gone for the Democrat just three times in the last 14 presidential elections. 

Virginia Votes: Shenandoah Valley Trump Supporters

Nov 1, 2016

Virginia has more than 5 million registered voters. In the end, all those voices will be lumped together to decide who gets the state’s 13 electoral votes.

Today reporter Jessie Knadler takes us to some communities in the rural Shenandoah Valley—  filled with family farms, rolling hills and plenty of Trump supporters.

Rockbridge County leans Republican so it’s not surprising to see lots of big, bold Trump/Pence signs lining the back roads here. Arguably the highest concentration of Trump signs in the County is in the old manufacturing town of Buena Vista.

Virginia Votes: Former Felons On the Power of the Ballot

Oct 26, 2016
Mallory Noe-Payne / WVTF


Today’s Virginia Votes takes us to Richmond -- where half the city’s population is African-American. One in five black Virginians have felonies on their record, which means they can’t vote.

That is, until recently. After a long legal battle, felons in Virginia are slowly gaining the right to vote again.

Virginia Votes: Reluctance on Tangier Island

Oct 18, 2016
Pamela D'Angelo

On Tangier Island, people live simply. Church on Sundays, zero alcohol, and you'll never hear them swear. They hail from some of America's first settlements. Many have served their country, including the town manager. Of some 470 Tangiermen, 399 are registered to vote this November. And while the majority are Republican and loyal to their party, this year, they're having a hard time.