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Chester Bennington's death is more than a headline for me

Jul 21, 2017

When I learned about the passing of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington on Thursday, while I was sitting in a coffee shop, an influx of thoughts invaded my mind.

My mind drifted back 12 years to my high school in Tehran.

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Eilis O'Neill/PRI

The Westridge Marine Terminal overlooks a finger of water that separates Vancouver, BC, from the deep green hills of the nearby provincial parks. It’s where oil tankers come to fill up, at the terminus of the TransMountain Pipeline, which winds down through the trees and straight out onto a dock.

The pipeline’s been carrying oil here from the tar sands of Alberta for decades, but it’s a pretty sleepy operation by industry standards.

At the ninth annual conference on HIV science, happening in Paris right now, there's a lot to celebrate.

Canada emerging as a nearby energy giant

Jul 21, 2017

A few years ago, I traveled to far northern Quebec, paddling the wild Rupert River, where I spotted a gray wolf prowling the banks.

It’s the vision of Canada most Americans probably conjure up: empty, pristine and incredibly beautiful.

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

For a lot of Americans these days, Justin Trudeau is the anti-Donald Trump, especially on things like climate change.