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Bridgewater Associates is the biggest private hedge fund in the world. Its balance sheet is imposing and so is its corporate culture. Over the years, founder Ray Dalio and team have worked out algorithms for feedback in which investment strategies and management decisions are openly questioned, pressure tested and revised. Employees rate each other in real-time, electronically, during meetings.

09/19/2017: Trouble in Toyland

18 hours ago

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... Toys R Us, the largest U.S. toy chain, has filed for bankruptcy protection. We’ll explain what it means for the retailer’s global stores and the future of bricks-and-mortar toy selling. Afterwards, we’ll chat about how the People’s Bank of China’s consideration to open its capital markets to foreigners could be a negotiating tactic with the U.S. Then, ahead of this weekend’s elections, we’ll take you to a city in east Germany that is struggling to compete with the capital might of the western part of the country.

Are stock payouts linked to high housing prices?

18 hours ago

When a city becomes a tech hub, it usually also becomes a bubble: a housing bubble, a pay bubble and an industry bubble, to name a few. The tech world talks about these bubbles like they’re inevitable. But what if they weren’t?

Rolling Stone sale reflects magazines’ challenges

Sep 18, 2017

If the Federal Reserve has an institutional opposite, it just might be Rolling Stone. This is the magazine that famously published writers like Hunter S. Thompson and more recently declared Goldman Sachs to be a “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity.” Today there is news that the magazine, started by Jann Wenner 50 years ago with $7,500 of borrowed money, is for sale. Anyone want to buy a magazine? 

09/18/2017: Where hate finds a home online

Sep 18, 2017

Washington is getting all hot and bothered about health care again, but we're gonna keep our eye on the ball and start our show with the Fed, which is meeting this week. There's going to be a tea leaf reading, and some dot plot reading too. Then: We've been reporting a lot lately on hate groups and where they find homes online. Since Charlottesville, there's been more awareness of these groups, and they've been expelled from a lot of services, but that hasn't stopped other businesses from filling in the gap.