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Steve Gardner

President Trump’s advisers are still at the draft stages of a national infrastructure plan. Trump is hoping to inspire a trillion dollars of infrastructure spending, much of it privately funded. But 80 years ago, during the Great Depression, the federal government fueled a public works revolution. Virtually every county in America got a project under Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal. Some got icons, like Hoover, Shasta, Grand Coulee and other massive dams. Those kind of monuments just don’t happen today.


A new resolution plans to scale back a set of privacy rules put in place by the Federal Communications Commission under President Obama. We'll discuss how the measure could affect what you see online as a user, and how much data telecommunications companies already collect. Also on the topic of data that's collected and shared: Uber has released a transparency report about its workforce. We'll take a look at the report's statistics, which show that men hold 85 percent of the company's tech jobs.

03/29/17: Measuring the economy using feelings

16 hours ago

The nuclear energy firm Westinghouse Electric Company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We'll look at what led to the filing and what the decision says about the overall nuclear industry. Next, we'll look at America's consumer confidence levels, and then discuss why there's been a decline in the construction of mega dams. 

The latest Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S8, launches today in New York. It’s a totally different device than the Galaxy Note 7 … remember the one whose batteries caught on fire? But this is still a big unveiling for a company with a lot of making up to do.

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Brexit starts tomorrow — United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May will officially begin the two year process of pulling her country out of the European Union. Her two key goals: to keep the closest possible trading links with the EU and to end the automatic right of EU citizens to settle in Britain. But even before Brexit talks begin, the flow of EU nationals into the U.K. has been slowing down fast. 

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