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After the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced it was slashing its Obamacare marketing budget by 90 percent on Aug. 31, agency spokespeople cited “diminishing returns” from its television, radio and Internet ads that encourage people to sign up for health insurance.

There's a federal law prohibiting workplace discrimination based on a person's sex — but not based on a person's sexual orientation.

There is a chance that could change, though. A lesbian security guard named Jameka Evans filed a lawsuit, saying she was harassed at work based on her sexual orientation, which a federal court dismissed. Now the nonprofit advocacy group, Lambda Legal Defense Fund, has filed an appeal that could make its way to the Supreme Court. 

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to bolster the nation’s steel industry but we’ll tell you why a merger between two giants suggests that pain in the sector are global. Afterwards, we’ll take a dive into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s assessment of the world economy, which suggests the global growth outlook might be brighter, but it doesn’t necessarily mean sustained growth just yet.

We might not see the effects of the Equifax breach for years

11 hours ago

The Equifax security breach that affected nearly half of all Americans has left us with a lot of questions, like how did we get here? And where do we go from here to protect our data? And now, Congress wants answers. It sent the company a letter asking it to outline its ongoing security practices. Equifax has until Sept. 22 to respond.

Certainly legislators are worried about data. But are regular people, too?

09/20/2017: Is it too late for data regulation?

11 hours ago

Some 143 million people had their personal information stolen in the Equifax data breach. And that has a lot of us asking: How did we get here? Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks to Nancy Kim, who teaches internet studies at California Western School of Law, about why regulating data collection is so hard. And we hear from a few New Yorkers about their data security worries — or lack of them.