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  • Tuesday, May 5, 2015 7:00am

    Airing on Tuesday, May 5, 2015: The powerful Saudi official was asked today if Saudi Arabia will keep oil prices low by sticking by it's decision not to cut production. Oil minister Ali Al-Naimi said quote "no one can set the price of oil. It's up to Allah," he told CNBC. On Tuesdays we consult our analyst from the heartland, Juli Niemann, at Smith Moore and Company in St. Louis on the latest in the oil market. And this morning two food industry titans face off against federal antitrust authorities in court. The issue: whether a proposed mega-merger in the institutional food business would quash too much competition and hurt consumers. We continue the theme in food with a conversation on flavor.  There's a new book out this week titled The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor. We talk to the author Mark Schatzker about the changing landscape in American cuisine. 

  • Tuesday, May 5, 2015 6:00am

    This morning two food industry titans face off against federal antitrust authorities in court. The issue: whether a proposed mega-merger in the wholesale business would aggregate too much market power, and quash competition.

    The two companies are national giants in food distribution: U.S. Foods and Sysco. They sell meat, produce and paper goods to chain restaurants and hotels.

    The Federal Trade Commission sued to block the merger, arguing the combination would control 75 percent the national market. The FTC is seeking a preliminary injunction.

    Sysco and U.S. Foods say a merger still leaves a lot of space for competition at the local level.

    The two sides will appear in federal court for at least four days.

  • Tuesday, May 5, 2015 6:00am

    Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions more Americans now have insurance that will cover addiction treatment, with spending on addiction treatment expected to almost double by 2020. 

    But a new report in the journal Health Affairs finds that despite newfound access, many facilities lack the capacity to take on new clients. Even with expanded access, University of South Carolina’s Christina Andrews says that coverage alone isn't getting many new patients in the door.

    "The reality is it’s going to take years. And we have people right now who have great need," she says.

    Andrews says half of the programs around the country don’t meet basic insurance company requirements.

    And as of 2012, 63 percent lacked the health IT they need to communicate with doctors and hospitals. These program will eventually grow, it’s just probably not from an investment at the state level, says Henrick Harwood, with National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors.

    "Remember that providers are businesses like any other. They are responsible for making their own investments," Harwood says.

    He says given how political Obamacare remains, state spending is a long shot. But given the billions in new money that is available, there’s reason to think someone will find a way to expand treatment and make a bunch of money.

  • Tuesday, May 5, 2015 6:00am

    There was a time in America when the beer tended to be yellow and insipid. That's changed with the craft beer movement and the arms race over hops. But what about a lot of the rest of our food? Mark Schatzker is a food writer who has a new book with a publication date of this week called The Dorito Effect: The Surprising Truth about Flavor and Food. We chat with him about the link between taste and nutrition. 

    Excerpt from the book: 

     "Flavor, as we will see, is the aspect of the human environment that has changed. The food we eat today still seems like food, but it tastes very different than it used to. For the better part of a century, two complimentary trends have conspired to transform the flavor of what we eat. These two trends were already ascendant when Jean Nidetch was mistaken for pregnant in that Long Island supermarket. And within a year, they would unite in a Dallas suburb with the momentous utterance of a single word: “taco.”"

    We shared some flavorful AND affordable tomatoes and chocolate with Mr. Schatzker.  You can learn more about research on food and flavors in the following links:


    University of Florida: Klee Lab tomatos -- where people can donate $10 to flavor research and get tomato seeds to grow in their garden.


    The cocoa breeder is CATIE:

    The samples were made by Guittard chocolate, which will be using these cocoa beans once they are grown on a larger scale:

    Click the link below to hear our last conversation with Mr. Schatkzer on the shortage of chocolate:



  • Monday, May 4, 2015 5:59pm

    Denton, Texas, a small town in the middle of oil and gas country, banned fracking back in November. Today, the Texas legislature essentially overturned that vote with a ban on fracking bans.

    Marketplace’s Scott Tong reported on the fracking ban in Denton last year. He several states are considering similar bills to stop municipal fracking bans.

    One of these, in Oklahoma, passed one chamber. The sponsor of that bill said he wants to "get ahead of what we're seeing in other states."

    Hear the full conversation using the audio player above.


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