Interfaith Voices on RADIO IQ

Sundays at noon on RADIO IQ
  • Hosted by Maureen Fiedler

Interfaith Voices  is an innovative and growing public radio show, re-framing the discussion of religion in our society. We explore the full range of faith traditions, promoting interfaith dialogue, respecting diversity and fostering religious tolerance. We offer compelling discussions of contemporary issues in religion, spirituality and ethics, and deal especially with the ways theologies and teachings from many faith traditions intersect with public policy. Thus, Interfaith Voices:

Provides a forum to discuss the multiple roles of religion in American public life, Discusses a "morality" that includes more than who sleeps with whom. Moral issues on Interfaith Voices include social and economic justice, human rights (including women's rights and gay/lesbian rights), and non-violence - as well as the commonly-discussed issues of sexuality and reproduction.

Broadcasts a broad spectrum of religious, spiritual and ethical viewpoints, and Fosters a culture of tolerance, dialogue and religious liberty.