General Assembly 2018

Virginia's 2018 General Assembly session is underway with a new governor, a plan for your tax dollars and a new dynamic between Republicans and Democrats.

Keep up with the action as Mallory Noe-Payne and Michael Pope report from the General Assembly from start to finish. 

MBandman / Creative Commons

Lawmakers in Richmond have been hearing for years about the problem of gerrymandered districts. Now they’re ready to take some action. But, as Michael Pope reports, critics say it doesn’t go far enough.

Omar Jordan Fawahl / Flickr

Technology is changing the world. And, as Michael Pope reports, lawmakers in Richmond are struggling to keep up.

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Lawmakers in Richmond appear to be on the verge of lifting a rate freeze for utilities.

AP Photo / Cliff Owen

Lawmakers in Richmond are divided about whether people who have outstanding court fees should be able to drive.


As one of his first moves as the new Speaker of Virginia’s House of Delegates, Republican Kirk Cox granted paid family leave to employees of the House. At the same time, the broader push for paid leave is making limited headway.