General Assembly 2018

Virginia's 2018 General Assembly session is underway with a new governor, a plan for your tax dollars and a new dynamic between Republicans and Democrats.

Keep up with the action as Mallory Noe-Payne and Michael Pope report from the General Assembly from start to finish. 

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Lawmakers in Richmond have punted a permanent solution on coal ash until another year. Coal ash the byproduct of coal burning power plants. Across Virginia, the ash sits in ponds as lawmakers and Dominion Energy work out how best to get rid of it.

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Lawmakers in Richmond are deadlocked on how to handle tethering of dogs.

Parents are about to be forced to strap their children into rear-facing child seats.

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Are golf courses charged too much in property taxes? Lawmakers in Richmond are debating how much local governments should be able to charge.

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The chaos of the last election is causing some discussion in Richmond about improving the way people vote. But the House and Senate have radically different approaches.