General Assembly 2018

Virginia's 2018 General Assembly session is underway with a new governor, a plan for your tax dollars and a new dynamic between Republicans and Democrats.

Keep up with the action as Mallory Noe-Payne and Michael Pope report from the General Assembly from start to finish. 

MBandman / Creative Commons

Should undocumented immigrants fear reporting crime? That’s an issue lawmakers in Richmond are debating.

AP Photo / Steve Helber

Republicans and Democrats at the Capitol are striking a deal that will make significant changes to the criminal justice system in Virginia.

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Anyone who has driven on Virginia’s interstates knows you have to be ready to share the road with trucks. But some are now pushing for those trucks to get even larger.

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Lawmakers in Richmond say schools are suspending too many students for too long.

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Children who are born deaf or hard of hearing often wind up in kindergarten with no formal language. The state wants to find out why and what can be done, but there’s disagreement over the best approach.