General Assembly 2018

Virginia's 2018 General Assembly session is underway with a new governor, a plan for your tax dollars and a new dynamic between Republicans and Democrats.

Keep up with the action as Mallory Noe-Payne and Michael Pope report from the General Assembly from start to finish. 

Going To Ralph Northam's Inauguration? Here's What You Need To Know

Jan 11, 2018

Richmond is buzzing in anticipation of the gubernatorial inauguration that will take place Saturday at the Virginia Capitol.

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Outgoing Governor Terry McAuliffe gave his final State of the Commonwealth speech in Richmond Wednesday night. He celebrated Virginia’s growing economy and low unemployment, and said his greatest pride while in office was restoring voting rights to former felons.

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Despite the drama in the last few weeks about who will control the Virginia House of Delegates, the session kicked off Wednesday with a unanimous vote for speaker.

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An infamous bowl has brought more attention than usual to Virginia’s legislative session. In case you want to look beyond the random drawing, we’ve provided this roundup, and preview, of Virginia’s 2018 legislative session.