General Assembly 2018

Virginia's 2018 General Assembly session is underway with a new governor, a plan for your tax dollars and a new dynamic between Republicans and Democrats.

Keep up with the action as Mallory Noe-Payne and Michael Pope report from the General Assembly from start to finish. 

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Hundreds of advocates for immigrants will be in Richmond Wednesday for a contentious committee hearing. The hearing will consider a bill that would provide documents to the undocumented.

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A shuttered hospital in rural Patrick County may have a better shot at reopening, thanks to a bill that passed Virginia’s Senate Tuesday. That’s after the same measure failed last week, getting caught up in the political battle over Medicaid expansion.

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Confusion over split precincts led to a meltdown in Fredericksburg last year, when dozens of voters were given the wrong ballot. Now some lawmakers are hoping for a fix.

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Your power bill may be including a little something extra in the coming weeks. But will it be what you deserve? Lawmakers are dividing, and Michael Pope is at the Capitol with the latest.

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Lawmakers in Richmond occasionally curse at each other as debates get heated. And, as Michael Pope explains, they’re breaking the law.