Year-Round School Initiatives

Jan 30, 2014

A number of Virginia school systems are supporting a "year-round" school year despite some resistance to the concept by some groups. 

Proponents admit that while it may not work for all school systems, they believe it’s essential to boosting academic achievement, especially in districts with socio-economic challenges.

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Year-round schools don’t always lengthen the academic year but, instead, may reorganize it to give less time out of class during summer breaks. A proposed budget amendment would fund the needed teachers, support staff, and transportation. Lynchburg School Superintendent Scott Brabrand says one school in his city is proof that the concept works.

Petersburg School Superintendent Joseph Melvin says it's time to do something different in his city’s under-performing schools.   Senator Donald McEachin stresses that it's optional.

Until more systems opt in and they can gauge those costs, they propose $3-million  annually to fund year-round schooling grants.